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The primary purpose of this brief blog entry is to bring to your awareness a new article by Dale Rose, Andrew English, and Christine Thomas in The Industrial/Organizational Psychologist (TIP). I assume that a minority of readers of this blog receive TIP, or, if they do, have not had a chance to read this article. (The title would not immediately draw attention to the fact that the majority of the content is about 360 Feedback for starters.)

The article can be accessed at

As you will see, Dale and colleagues focus primarily on how technology has affected 360 Feedback processes, for good and bad. This should be required reading for practitioners in this field.

They reference a discussion Dale and I had on this blog about the “silly” rating format where raters can rate multiple ratees at the same time using a kind of spread sheet layout. They are correct that there is no research that we are aware of that studies the effects of rating formats like this on the quality of ratings and user reactions (including response rates, for example). We won’t rehash the debate here, but suffice to say that it is one area where Dale and I are in disagreement.

Other than that, I endorse his viewpoints about the pitfalls of technology. I recall when computers first became available to us to support our research. As we all struggled to use technology effectively, I remember saying that computers allow us to make mistakes even faster.

I will use my next blog to talk about, “When Computers Go Too Far,” which builds on some of Dale’s observations. Hope you will tune in!

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